2018-12-10 Skripsi

Tips / Guidelines for Preparing Thesis and Thesis Preparation

Preparation is a very important thing in preparing a thesis. Preparation of preparing a good thesis and thesis will help students to facilitate the discovery of ideas, thesis writing, and all thesis preparation activities. The preparation for the complete preparation of the thesis is as follows:
Understand well about the definition of thesis
Understanding the meaning of thesis is a very urgent thing that will give direction for students in determining the next step. Without understanding the meaning of thesis, students will be confused in making preparations to prepare a thesis, wrong in carrying out the stages of preparation of thesis, and many other difficulties.
In general, the thesis is only understood as research for the requirement to obtain a Bachelor's degree. This is just an understanding of the notion of a thesis that is not fundamental, and does not help solve the problem of students who will compile a thesis. Understanding the basic thesis is "Research conducted on a real phenomenon based on theories that have been accepted by students." With that understanding, the thesis has the following characteristics:
See phenomena based on existing theories, and not to find new theories. The thesis will discuss why a real condition can occur based on existing concepts. If there is a discrepancy between theory and reality, then the researcher must find the reasons for the discrepancy between the theory and the reality of the results of the study.
Thesis can be as further research from existing research. Thesis can be compiled based on previous research, and is a follow-up study of the results of other people's research. With the understanding of the nature of this thesis, it is clear that the thesis is not rigid and must be purely from its own ideas, but may continue the ideas of others beforehand to continue with further research.
Thesis Can have the same theme as previous research, but carried out in a different place, or has the same location as previous research but has a different theme. In fact, the thesis can have the same theme and location, but carried out with different research methods. Thus, if the idea of ​​preparing a thesis is obtained from a thesis or other research, it is necessary to consider the theme, location, and research method used.
Thesis needs to clearly list the reference sources used in drawing up the theoretical framework as evidence that a valid and credible theory for the research used is indeed present, and not the findings themselves. Even though the theory does exist, if the source is not included in the source, then the compiler of the thesis can be considered a plagiarist or plagiarist.